New fertiliser tablet for forestry

Plant’NGo is a slow-release planting fertiliser tablet that provides nutrients that are effective in stimulating growth and development of newly planted seedlings, as well as young and established trees.

“I-CAT’s core business model is to provide sustainable solutions for the environment, this is evident in the company’s product offerings across various industries. Plant’NGo™ is no exception, providing a sustainable solution for agriculture, horticulture and forestry markets,” says Wessels Vlok.

The fertiliser tablet is developed with the purpose of convenience and effectiveness, its slow-release properties assist with the development of healthy roots and plant growth.

“The tablet’s easy application method eliminates the need to measure small quantities of dry material which is more labour intensive and has a higher rate of leaching,” said Project Specialist Leon Janse van Rensburg.

Benefits of Plant’nGo:

  • Safe and convenient to use. The tablet format eliminates any fertiliser drift and fertiliser wastage when applied in-field.
  • Effective and reduced leaching. Very little nutrients are leached out of the soil profile due to pill format that is in close proximity to the root system, resulting in a more targeted release of nutrients closer to the root system.


“Plant’NGo™ is suitable for use in forestry, horticulture and agriculture and can be used in conjunction with other I-CAT Planting Solutions product range such as Suppositree™ and Stockosorb™”, states Research & Development Specialist, Kirsti Snyders.