innovative, cost effective planting solutions

I-CAT Planting Solutions

Planting Solutions

As a products supplier, I-CAT develops and manufactures a range of innovative, cost effective planting solutions for the Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry industries.

We conduct research and development for advanced planting solutions specifically targeting the rootzone environment during the planting phase to limit transplanting stress, promote optimal growth and increase plant survival in for optimal plant survival and growth for commercial growers, farmers and gardeners.

I-CAT strives to mitigate the negative effects of the changing environmental factors influencing the industries that we operate in. We develop planting inputs such as hydrogels, fertilisers, insecticides and multifunctional adjuvants to assist farmers, commercial growers and gardeners to sustain the environment and production of crops.


ExlGel ™

ExlGel ™ is a soil conditioner specially designed and developed for water and nutrient retention. Upon contact with water, ExlGel ™ swells quickly, creating a hydrogel by absorbing and retaining large quantities of plant available water.



Dendro is a cross linked super absorbent polymer which contains a K-based hydrogel and fertilizer, acting as a soil conditioner and a water reservoir.


Biofurt ™

A bio-stimulant K-based hydrogel, plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that act as a soil conditioner and a water and nutrient reservoir. Biofurt ™ is most suitable to use for forestry, landscaping and agriculture sectors.